Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So Are The Days of My Life

I’ve been so busy it’s not funny. We’ve had work done around our house; new garage built, windows replaced, doors installed, back porch enclosed, trees taken out and parts of our fence torn down. The guys are super nice and I have nothing but praise for them, but we’ll be glad when things go back to normal around here.

My anxiety attacks/depression have made a return. It’s not easy because for about four years I felt pretty good. Not perfect but I made a lot of headway in that part of my life. And now I’m starting all over again. I’m taking a new medicine so hopefully in a few months I’ll feel better. The doctors always say it takes a couple of months to get regulated, but for me it generally takes a bit longer.

The agent I was corresponding with about WIP #1 decided not to represent me after all, so that’s set me back quite a bit anxiety-wise. I had really believed that my life was falling into place and now it’s all topsy-turvy again. What irks me is that for five months I remained loyal and followed all of her instructions. In August I started to suspect that something was up because I hadn’t heard much from her and asked her if she was still interested in my novel. Yes, she was but for her to represent me I had to wait until she made contacts at the AFCW conference. If I had another other offers, she encouraged me to go ahead with them. But since we had an agreement, and I consider myself a woman of my word, I assured her that I could wait. Fast-forward to last week. The conference was over so I e-mail her asking how it went and she responded that she was sorry but did not think herself right for my novel because she wasn’t as familiar with the Christian market.

So, I’m back at square one and down in the dumps. I am trying to prepare myself for the endless querying that I must get started on. At least the story has changed enough that it may appeal to other agents. It flows better. When I’m feeling better, I will resume my work on WIP #2 which only needs some polishing. I am actually more confident that this story will be accepted. It is a bit more unique and dynamic.

We’re going to have a new addition to our family. My Mom heard of a puppy mill that PETA is closing down and thought we could take in one of the dogs and give it a home. The dog is a male Shi-Tzu named Checkers who is in need of love. I was hesitant at first, because we already have two dogs and two cats. But maybe we need Checkers as much as he needs us. Our family needs healing and maybe he will be our bright spot of this year.