Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Odds and Ends

First new blog entry of 2013. The last month and a half has been too crazy for a proper blog update.

Christmas was a bit rough. We were all down sick and the pressure of the holidays put a strain on us. I’m just glad that the 2012 is now over. There were a couple of bright spots: reconciling with family, having a new animal baby addition to the family and finding a new church. But for the most part it was terrible.

Have been under the weather for the last month. Caught some kind of bug and just haven’t been able to throw it off. I went to the doctors and the labs came back saying the rheumatoid test was high and the cbc test was abnormal. I’m going back later this week for another blood test to see if there is any change. So ready to feel better again.

Well, after 150 some queries to the agents, and mixed responses from all, I’m going to have to set aside WIP #1 for now.  Just don’t have the gumption to revise it right now. Maybe in a couple of months. Placing my focus on WIP #2. Hope to high heavens this one works out. It’s different in tone and theme and I am far more passionate about it. Scared though. Well, it will be a couple of months before I send off queries for it. Got to polish it and get my nerve up. Am now focusing most of my attention on my new version of what was once Epic Novel, which is now WIP #3. It’s completely different from before and connected from anything else I have written. Which is for the best.

Going to try and write some short pieces. The one non-fiction story about my healing is to be included in the upcoming book “I Believe in Healing,” by Regal publishers. I received $50.00 for it and retain the copyright, so maybe I can submit it to Guideposts or something later this year. We’ll see.

All for now.