Friday, July 11, 2014

Still Around

Yeah, I’m still lurking around the web. I’ve just been too busy to update or do any creative posts. My poor little blog has been neglected. Between babysitting, doing projects around the house, learning how to drive and writing, I haven’t had the time to give this blog the attention its due.

Yes, I did say driving. That probably sounds strange to most of you, considering you know I am in my later 20’s. Most people learn in their teens. What can I say? I am a late bloomer. Well, that’s not exactly true. If you knew me ten years ago, you would understand why. My nerves and anxiety was so bad that I could barely leave the house. I still have far to go in regards to driving; its hard teaching this old dog new tricks.

Been juggling three (sometimes four) different writing projects: My YA WIP (and its sequel); a historical romantic novella; and another historical romance. Then I am currently plotting out a future story that I hope to start next year. These ideas come like shooting stars, bright and beautiful; but I have to get them down before they die out on me. Sometimes I get enthusiastic about a certain prospective idea, only to lose interest later on.

I have sent out forty-some-odd queries for my YA WIP. No nibbles, really…until yesterday. One agent requested to see the full manuscript. I imagine it will be rejected, but hey, I may get some feedback. Which is what I’m really looking for. I fear the ending might be a stumbling block. There might be too much of a cliff-hanger. If that’s the case, I know what needs to be done to fix it. But I guess I hope that the agent(s) will like it as it is. (LOL!) Anyway, at least I know my query letter is good.

Can’t think of much else to report. Well, I am involved in this reading program at my local library. I am to read a book a week (which is a cinch) and am entered into a weekly drawing. Fun.