Saturday, March 12, 2016

My Books

To organize this blog a little better, I have moved the promotion of my books to this page. So here they are, all of my little darlings. Hopefully there will be more to come!

"Precious, Precocious Moments," by Yvonne Lehmann. Features my story, "The Game." You may purchase it here.

"Love, Animals, and Miracles," by Dr. Bernie S. Siegel. Features my story, "Saving Grace." You may purchase it here.

"Surviving Mental Illness Through Humor," by Jessica Azar and Alyson Herzig. Features my story, "The Attack." You may purchase it here.

"Miracles & Moments of Grace," by Nancy B. Kennedy. Features my story, "A Shot in the Dark." You may purchase it here.

"I Believe in Healing," by Cecil Murphey and Twila Beck. Features my story, "The Healing Season." You may purchase it here.

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