Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Libraries and Ice Cream

Our pastor likes for someone to pray for him and the congregation while he's preaching. The week prior I had signed up for the 8th so it was my turn. Well, for some reason the usual room where we're supposed pray had it's door open and it was visable to the parishoners. So I was looking around for another room and stumbled upon this empty one. When I turned on the light I saw that there were bags and boxes of books in the corner. Of course I had to scrounge through it and even though there wasn't enough to make up a church library, it was a nice start. I was excited and did more mental planning than I did praying.

I was the librarian at the last church we attended and really enjoyed the challenge of putting it all together. Unfortunately those church members never used the books or movies, but the children did. When that church closed I took some books with me in hopes that when the church opened again that we'd have some materials to work with. That church remained closed so I still have some of those books that could be donated to this new library. Not only that I plan to add some of my own books and hope that others will contribute. I'm hoping that these church members will use this library often. This is really an answer to prayer, even before I prayed it. I needed something to get me even more invovled in church. I love books; I'm so obsessed with them that I hope someday my own may sit on bookshelves in stores and libraries all over.

Want to hear some bad news? Because of the economic challenges we've had recently, our public library had to close three of its branches. The main library is on Poplar, but it had four branches. One North, one south, one at the Meadows mall and one in West T. The one in West T. is staying open. The one at the Meadows mall has been around ever since I was a little girl. My dad said it opened when he was young. I'm sad to see it go. Sometimes when the family was shopping, I'd go to that mini-library and look around. Oh well. Maybe they'll bring back J. P. Anthony's, an awesome little bookstore. That was what was there before the library was moved into there from the basement. Or maybe Pinwheel Cream, the little sandwich and ice cream shop that was there prior to J.P. Anthony's. I'm rooting for Pinwheel Cream; grandma used to take me there when I was younger. I loved that shop. Gotta love anything to do with ice cream.


  1. It is sad to see when our history become eroded by the economics of the present and the technology of the future. In many ways, this is progresses, but in so many rips our hearts out.

  2. I am so happy that you have something to get you even more involved with church.

  3. I love books too, like you. I have five or six on my nightstand at all times, And yes, i am reading all of them at the same time!