Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"A Bride of Honor" by Ruth Axtell Morren

About the Author:
I discovered I enjoyed writing when my seventh-grade English teacher assigned our class to finish a story that began with one sentence, a “once upon a time” premise. My version ended up being a romance, and what amazed me most was when someone turned to me after my story was read aloud and told me how much she liked it. I then went on to write a spy thriller—complete with my own illustrations—and knew I wanted to be a writer. There were many detours along the way as I pursued more realistic goals. I studied comparative literature at Smith College, where I received a Bachelor’s degree; I spent my junior year in Paris; taught English and lived as an au pair in the Canary Islands; and worked in international development in Miami, Florida. It was there I met my future husband, a Dutchman from Suriname, who took me to The Netherlands to live for six years. In Holland I began my life as a stay-at-home mom. For the first time in my life I was able to seriously pursue my dream of writing full-length historicals. During my six years there, I completed three manuscripts. My second one gained recognition when it finalized in the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Contest in 1994. Then my family and I moved back to the U.S., to the down east coast of Maine to a small village where I had spent childhood summers. Maine has been a place of discovery—from discerning the varying faces of the sea and likening them to the color of my current hero or heroine’s eyes, to observing the changing seasons and the wonders of a flower or leaf or icicle, to simply learning how to say, “yes, Lord,” when I hear His still, small voice.
Ms. Morren’s website: http://www.ruthaxtellmorren.com
Ms. Morren’s blog: http://ruthaxtellmorren.blogspot.com/

About the Book:
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a lady of rank and distinction is no match for an impoverished preacher. Yet Damian Hathaway is entranced from the moment he spies Miss Lindsay Phillips entering his church. She doesn't appear any different from the other pampered society ladies—and she's betrothed to a gentleman of the ton. But Damian is determined to find the pure heart he's sure exists underneath all the ruffles and lace. The unlikely friendship formed by Damian and Lindsay is a revelation to them both, but is frowned upon by her parents—and Damian's parishioners. Torn between two worlds, the pair must trust that their love can bridge the divide—and conquer all.

My Thoughts:
From the second I was introduced to Damian in “The Making of a Gentleman,” I loved his character; he was such a sweetheart and my favorite. When I heard that “A Bride of Honor” was his love story I was excited. The book wasn’t what I had expected but believe me, I wasn’t disappointed. Damian and Lindsay make an adorable couple; they are a fine example for what a Biblical marriage should look like. I also like the scenes with Jonah and Lindsay together; they eventually become in-laws, but they act more like a big brother and a little sister. I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that Ms. Morren will write another.

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