Thursday, November 19, 2009

“Trapped in Hitler’s Hell,” by Anita Dittman and Jan Markell

A young Jewish girl discovers the Messiah’s faithfulness in the midst of the Holocaust.
Anita Dittman was just a little girl when the winds of Hitler and Nazism began to blow through Germany. By the time she was twelve, the war had begun.
Shocking and disturbing, yet hopeful and inspiring- An incredible story you’ll never forget!

Author Bios:
Anita Dittman, a Jewish believer since the age of seven, speaks to many churches and groups about her experiences during World War II in Germany. She resides in Minnesota. Jan Markell has authored nine other books. She is the director of Olive Tree Ministries, an informative, cutting edge news ministry that includes her relevant radio talk show, Understanding the Times, on KKMS (AM 980) out of Minneapolis, Minnesota and heard in multiple cities.

Book Description:
Abandoned by her father when he realized the price of being associated with a Jewish wife and family, Anita and her mother were ultimately left to fend for themselves. Anita’s teenage years spent desperately fighting for survival yet learning to trust in the One she discovered who would not leave her…

My Thoughts:
“Trapped in Hitler’s Hell” (originally titled as, “Camp Angels,” and revamped for children as “Shadow of His Hand” by Wendy Lawton) is a little known story about Anita Dittman’s survival and spiritual journey during the holocaust. Upon coming to Jesus personally, she trusts her life and fate to the only One who can truly save her. It is one of the few accounts of a Jewish person who became a Christian in that dark point of history. With the POV being from young Anita, it is somewhat reminiscent of Anne Frank’s tale, with the spiritual fulfillment of Corrie ten Boom’s “The Hiding Place.” It leaves its impression on your heart. I can easily envision this book being transformed successfully into a TV movie for Hallmark. In this new 2005 edition, actual photographs of Anita and her family are included.

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