Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Thoughts on “Sister Wives”

For those unaware, “Sister Wives” is a new reality TV show on TLC featuring a man who is living with three sisters and has children by all of them. It promotes a polygamist lifestyle and glorifies it. Technically, as of this moment, none of them are married however they consider themselves married and live as if they do.

As a Christian I was extremely appalled by the previews of this show. Naturally I believe in heterosexual marriages. However, in my opinion, this show is not only offensive to Christians but to anyone who considers traditional marriage and family the norm. I know, I know, this is America and as Americans they do have the freedom to live however they please. Still, my beef is that everybody is okay with it.

I mean, where are all the feminists and why aren’t they complaining about this show? A man with three wives, a possible new girlfriend on the way… am I the only one who finds that degrading towards women? The feminists freak out about the Duggar’s having nineteen children and raising them as they do, but they suddenly all fall silent about this whacked-out situation.

This man thinks it’s perfectly fine to be with three different women out in the open and is proud of it. He is tired of having to hide his lifestyle and has decided to come out as a polygamist. It’s just as disgusting as a married man with two girlfriends on the side, and the women all happen to be related and they live as one big happy family. Oh please, this is revolting. What ticks me off more is that this man and his three wives teach their children that their lifestyle is okay. Is it okay for a man to have three wives? Or a woman to have three husbands?

No, its not. Sorry, I’m politically incorrect enough to say it, even if the rest of you aren’t.

What are we teaching this generation of young ladies? That it’s okay to be first in a man’s life, or second, or third, or fourth, but that it’s okay as long as it’s done in the name of love? That we should be defined merely as sexual objects rather than by our minds, hearts and souls? Aren’t we worthy of better?

Please recommend this if you agree. Thank you.

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  1. Remember that polygamy is all throughout the Bible. I'm actually quite adamant that if gay marriage is allowed, polygamy should also be. I believe polygamy is much more moral than gay marriage.