Thursday, March 10, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

I ought to update this blog more often. I have been busy, but not so much so that I can’t take ten minutes to write a blog entry.

I have submitted a query to an agent that I have yet to hear back from. I suppose that no news is good news. Had she not been interested, she would have sent a rejection right away. Either that or the e-mail was lost or disregarded altogether. Anyway, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. The wait is excruciating and has me imagining all kinds of things, both good and bad. I don’t want to set my hopes too high for fear they will come crashing down around me. I should send out some more queries, but I would really like to hear from this particular agent first. She is…unconventional. And I rather like unconventional.

While I am trying to market my finished novella, I am beginning on a new novel. This one is to be a drama, set in my beloved Indiana, primarily in 1840. I am excited. It was inspired by a subplot and two secondary characters in a novel that has already been published. Sometimes when I read a novel, I find the secondary characters far more appealing than the actual hero and heroine.


  1. That's interesting. I didn't know what your new novel was inspired by another. Is is a classic or one that was published within the last 20yrs?

  2. The story I read is relatively new. It was published three or four years ago. I'll tell you more about it later.