Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The One Without a Title

August has slipped by me and this blog has been neglected. Even now I can’t think of much to write about.

WIP #2 has been revised and revamped, with no avail. It is a little sad because I love it and the characters. Have only had one request for the full manuscript and another request for the first five pages. Both ended in rejections. None of the agents want to touch it. In hindsight, I had much better luck with WIP #1. But I’m not devastated. My latest project has me distracted and is my consolation. I actually sent off a query for it, just as a test to see what response it would receive. It was a rejection, of course, but the agent encouraged me to send it to her associate at that agency. It needs quite a bit of polishing, but at least she didn’t say it had “potential.” I’ve heard that phrase so many times that I loathe it now. May that word be forever banished from my vocabulary. (Just kidding.)

Newest developments around here? My family and I have upgraded to mobile phones and we have become addicted to them. Between the phones, DVR and our own computers, we have entered into the 21st century.

All for now!


  1. Yes, we have. Whoohooo! I cannot wait to send my queries off and get rejected too. :-P j/k

  2. Don't be discouraged about rejections. It's a bad economy in a highly competitive industry and agents have to think about their bottom line. Even if they LOVE a book, if they think they can't make a mint off it, they won't accept it. Agent rejection is no reflection on your writing skills.