Monday, December 30, 2013

Life Update

Our cousins the Carrico’s had another tragedy within their family. Last month I had asked prayer for them because they lost Mark (brother and son), who was a Capuchin friar. Well, on December 19, the Carrico girls’ mother, Bettie, passed away. Our cousins have been through too much this year: from losing their father in February, to their brother in November and finally their mother right before Christmas. They have their faith in Christ to see them through. I am asking for prayers for their comfort and peace of mind but also that next year will be better for them. I thank you in advance.

Thanksgiving and Christmas went well. It will never be like it once was, when Dad was alive or even when our grandparents were living. We didn’t exchange gifts this year, nor did we decorate, and we spent it with friends. Maybe it’s for the best that we are changing our holiday routines. Change is inevitable, right?

Far too often, I forget about this blog. Just can’t think of what to post, other than life updates or an article I stumble on. I know I need to get creative, but I am terrible at this. I am playing around with an idea for a different blog, inspired by my YA WIP that I am working on. We’ll see. It will have to be more than something dedicated to the story; maybe it can be a place to learn about WWII Poland and life during that era. Food for thought.

I am trying to come up with a writing project for this next year. Just when I think I’ve figured it out, I get bored with the idea and want to do something else. It will have to be something far less emotionally demanding then the Holocaust. It will probably end up being another story set in Indiana, those are the easiest to write. I submitted a novel to Steeple Hill before Thanksgiving; I hope to hear back sometime soon. ::Fingers crossed::

Today is my 27th birthday. Don’t really feel different or older. Can’t say that I want anything specific other than for my dream to come true. Maybe 2014 is the year. Birthday wish: that I may hear something positive from Steeple Hill and may secure a literary agent.

Until next time. 


  1. I love reading your life updates. :) One thing that really helps me to be creative and it could be book/writing oriented is a "Pinsperation" post. Pics you love and find via pinterest and then do a blog post about your thoughts on said photos.

    :::shrugs::: Just a thought!

    1. I may try that. Have to do something. Thanks for the suggestion!