Thursday, September 3, 2015

Deep Calls to the Deep

When Truman Capote invited Harper Lee to help him investigate it the murders of a family in Kansas, Lee described her interest by saying, “It was deep calling to deep.” From what I understand, there are a variety of meanings, one of which can mean the calling out of oneself. Sort of an unquenchable yearning. Whenever I hear this phrase I think of home… no matter where I go or how far I wander, for me there is no place like home.

With that being said, it only takes so long before an aspiring writer writes something about her home state. From 2010 to 2013 I attempted it, to write nice little Christian historical romances based in Indiana. It was a nice try and looking back I can see why it didn’t work. Those stories were based in Indiana and entertaining, but there was no realism. The characters were one dimensional and the set up was too silly for words. After that, I tried to write a couple other things, only managing to get short stories published.

But now the deep calls to the deep again… Indiana demands to be written about. These days, the novels out there based in Indiana are a laugh. The characters sound more like they are from Texas than our beloved Hoosier state.

I was lucky; I come from a family of natural-born story tellers. Both sets of my grandparents were part of the Greatest Generation. My one grandma was very open about her life, very detailed too.

So, for my two-or-so readers out there, this is what my new EPIC NOVEL is about: The Great Depression. Indiana. Prohibition. Marriage of convenience. Loss of a child.

More later. Thanks for reading.


  1. Can't wait to hear more about it!

  2. I really like that quote. I've heard it before, but not sure what 'the deal calling the deep' means to me yet, but I really do like your summation.

    1. It's from the Bible, somewhere in Isaiah. I love it; so many heartfelt phrases come from the Bible.