Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Electronics Quiz

Do you have a desktop computer or a laptop? Both
Do you have both? Yep
What kind of computer is it? Desktop is a Dell and the laptop is a IBM.
Is there more than one computer in your house? Yeah, we're a bunch of nerds.
Do you prefer Mac or Windows? Windows all the way!
What color is your computer? Both are black.
How long have you had your computer? I've had the desktop for three years and the laptop for seven months.
Do you like old computers or new computers better? The new ones, they're faster.
Do you actually like your computer? Of course.
When you first got an internet connection, was it dial-up or high speed? Dial-up.
Do you have a cell phone? No, I'm home all the time so if I have to use the phone, I'll use the regular one. If I do need a cell, I'll beg my sister to let me borrow hers.
What kind is it? Don't have one.
What service is it? Don't have one.
What color is it? Don't have one.
Do you think your cell phone is really good quality or a piece of crap? Don't have one.
Do you pay for your own cell phone? See above.
Have you ever wanted a cell phone to fit in? Sometimes, but I don't like to talk on the phone so it'd be a waste of money to get one for me.
What is your default ringtone? Don't have one.
Do you ever even have the ringtone turned on? See above.
Do you have an iPod or a Zune? iPod.
If you do have one, do you actually want the other? No, I have no idea what a Zune is. What color is your iPod/Zune? Pink
How long have you had it? For a month, since my birthday. Thanks mom and dad!
Do you prefer the old, retro style iPods or the new sleek, modern kind? Retro
How many gigs does your iPod/Zune have? 4GB.
Do you have any pictures on it? No.
What color are your earphones? White or blue.
How many songs do you have on it? Nothing so far. I've been lazy.
If you have an iPod, is it a video? Don't think so.
Do you have a TV? Yes, but only in the living room.
Is it a big screen TV? Yep. When we sold our house ten years ago, we bought it.
What brand is it? Toshiba
Do you have cable/satellite TV? Satallite
Who is your cable/satellite provider? Dish network
How long have you had cable or satellite? For a few months.
Do you have a TiVO or a DVR? Neither.
Do you even watch TV, or do you just watch movies? I do a little of both.
Do you watch the news? Only on FOX, they're the only ones out there that are fair and balanced.
What is your favorite electronic that you own? Either my laptop or stereo. I really like to listen to music.

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