Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Survey on Christianity

1. Are you a Christian?

2. What is your perception of Christianity? Can you give some specific incidents that have lead to or confirmed your perception?
Well, my perception of Christianity is basically love. God's love for us that He sent His only Son to this earth; Jesus' love for us to die for our sins and come back to life; and the Holy Spirit's love for us to guide and direct us on a daily basis. This is what I get from prayer and when I read the Bible, and from church too. I suppose I view God is a father who is reaching out to this world, but most of this world isn't reaching back and turns a blind eye to Him and what He wants.

3. How do you feel others (Christians and nonbelievers) view Christianity? What makes you think this is the view they hold?
I think that most people see Christians or those who attend church as droll, boring and ridged people who use God/religion as a crutch. And unfortunately they believe this way because of a personal expirience. Perhaps they have encountered a fellow believer or someone who considers themself religious who acted that way. Or they have been to a church that preached damnation and judgement.

4. Name a well known individual whose character, lifestyle, and beliefs serve as an example of what you think a Christian is.
As of late, I've been reading about Sophie Scholl and her personal life. She was a Christian, but she wasn't perfect, nor did she claim to be. Then there was Corrie ten Boom who hid Jews, was arrested and sent to a concentration camp for it. I've also read some about the priest named Maximillian Kolbe, who was referred to as the Saint of Auschwitz. Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Niemoller were two others, along with Stefania Podgorska.

5. What is the greatest difference between your understanding of the teachings of Jesus and the way Christians today live out their faith?
As mentioned in question three, the damnation and judgment part... I believe it's coming but only for those who refuse to have anything to do with God or Jesus Christ. I hear how people complain that God is narrow minded and they wonder why He doesn't accept everyone. Unlike us humans, God doesn't discriminate, He loves us all, created us all, died for us all and accepts everyone who submits to Him. What more does the world want from Him? He's done the hard part, all that's left is for them to commit to Him. Consider this, God is the creator of the world and desires His own creation to believe and act in a manner that He desires. That's why He gets to call the shots, because He's God.


  1. Interesting questions. Who did you survey? Curious.

    Welcome, btw, to High Calling Blogs.

  2. I found the survey on 's website.

    Thank you for the welcome. It's nice to meet you.

  3. I agree with you about the judgmental element. At CCO Jubilee last week, Gabe Lyons said the main cure for our judgmentalism is relationship and grace. If we make authentic deep relationships with people one of our goals, we'll be less likely to judge them.