Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Entry Without a Title

I'd like to blog something but can't think of anything to say. My writing is in limbo right now. As of last month, the novel I have been working on turned seven, meaning that it is seven years old. I suppose its not realistic for me to continue working on it, but I can't let go. I love it too much to give up on it. I've read blogs by agents and editors, and writers too, that advise an aspiring author to move on to other projects. Tell that to Jane Austen, who spent sixteen years waiting for her beloved "First Impressions" (a.k.a. "Pride and Prejudice) to be published. Now, I'm not comparing my novel to "P&P" but I'm just as attached to the story as Austen was. I pray to God that someday, someone might realize who valuable my story is. I did finish a first draft of another project a couple of months ago and I've set that aside for a little while. I'm now working on something new; another holocaust novel. But I don't have the devotion to these newer projects that I do my seven-year-old one.

There is a quote somewhere by some other author that a piece of work must sit for nine years or so until it can be published. Well, if that's the way it is, I have two years more to wait! Part of my problem is that I've submitted it to anyone one and everyone who I thought might be interested. I should have been more particular. I have to find someone who falls head-over-heels in love with my novel. Someone - editor or agent- who can be as passionately devoted to it as I am. And I must learn humility. I'm afraid that in the past few years I've acquired an inflated ego about myself and my God-given talents. On top of that I continually take Jesus off His throne and place my own wants before others.

On the positive side, I've lost weight. Last November I was nearing 180lbs and so far I've lost nearly 13lbs. So, yay for me!

All for now.


  1. I know I already commented on xanga, but I still feel the same way about it. You are an amazing author and you should hold out for that person who will fall head over heels for your work!

  2. Hi, thank you for stopping by my blog! That writer's block....ugh! Congrats on the weight loss!

    following you back now!

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