Tuesday, June 1, 2010

“The Secret Holocaust Diaries: The Untold Story of Nonna Bannister,” by Nonna Bannister

For half a century, a terrible secret lay hidden, locked in a trunk in an attic…

Book Description:
“The Secret Holocaust Diaries” is a haunting eyewitness account of Nonna Bannister Lisowskaja Bannister, a remarkable Russian-American woman who saw and survived unspeakable evils as a young girl. For half a century she kept her story secret while living a normal American life. She locked all her photos, documents, diaries and dark memories from World War II in a trunk. Late in life she unlocked the trunk, first for herself, then for her husband, and now for the rest of the world.
Nonna’s story is one of suffering, torture, and death- but also of incredible acts of kindness that show the ultimate triumph of faith and love over despair and evil. “The Secret Holocaust Diaries” is in part a tragedy, yet it’s also an unforgettable true story about forgiveness, courage and hope.

My Thoughts:
Unlike the secular market, rarely is there a non-fiction book in the Christian market about the Holocaust, which makes “The Secret Holocaust Diaries,” a rare book. From the very beginning Nonna is a young girl who shows much conviction and courage in the face of evil. There are some graphic descriptions, which would probably be too much for anyone under fifteen, but this is a story that would be fine for older teens. The way the book is organized, it can be a little confusing but with some patience it is worth the while. Through out the story is the subtle faith of Nonna and her family, that provides her with the strength to survive the Nazi’s death machine. Her diary/memoir would make a fine TV movie for Hallmark or Lifetime.

For more information on Nonna, her book and her family, check out her website: The Secret Holocaust Diaries


  1. WOW!!! I will have to read this book now!

    Great interview!!!

  2. Thanks, but really the story speaks for itself. Amazing woman. Of course anyone who lived during that time was amazing.

  3. I have this on my list to read on goodreads. It does look so good!