Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Can’t Think of a Title for This One Either

Yes, here is another personal update on my so-called life.

The crazy neighbors are still up to their old tricks. The two dogs we were concerned about were dumped somewhere and thankfully they haven’t taken in any more (knock on wood) but now they are neglecting their poor pitbull Dallas. One morning, a couple of weeks ago, he was left out for four or five hours, without any water or food. No matter how many times we call on them, they don’t seem to get it that they are doing wrong. So please, still pray for this situation.

Jury duty was canceled, so I never did have to go. I think I have up to a year where they could call me up again. We’ll see. I was a little disappointed because I was getting psyched up for it, but my motives were all self-serving and its probably for the best that I didn’t go in.

Still working on my manuscript. It is about 500 words shy of being 75,000 words. I have read somewhere that from that point and on, a work of that length is considered a novel. So that’s good news. Another draft and it should be long enough to be officially novel length. So, yay! Right now my parents are in the midst of reading it. I want their thoughts, opinions and criticism, that way my WIP can be improved upon. I was raised listening to their stories about Indiana and the past, so it is only right that I have their input. I wish my grandparents were alive to read it. My story takes place in 1915, and three of my grandparents were born just after that. Well, I like to think that they’re looking down from heaven on us all and watching us live our lives. Anyway, while my parents are critiquing my WIP, I am about to start another draft on my 1840’s novel. Where the 1915 story is lighthearted and (hopefully) comedic, the 1840 story is a drama and far edgier.

I have yet to see “The Help” in theaters, so we will probably wait for it to come out on DVD. The book and movie has done so much for me. Not just creatively, but personally too. Growing up, the only stories I heard about the Civil Rights were that of Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. I love hearing about Rosa Parks, but unfortunately I didn’t properly respect MLK. It was only this last year or so that I have grown to like MLK and appreciate all that he did. As a kid and teenager, I couldn’t see how making speeches, demonstrating or marching was effective. It is only as an adult I have realized that Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and every other brave soul of that era were staring death straight in the eye and didn’t blink once. “The Help” has increased my interest in the Civil Rights era and all that had occurred then, and opened my eyes to all of the injustices. God bless those brave men and women for taking a stand, and God bless Kathryn Stockett for her own inner courage.

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  1. Those people are worthless, truly they are. We can only hope that they leave and that Dallas may find a new good home.

    You could get another chance to be a juror, who knows...

    Mom, Dad, and I loved it. It is a great, sweet little novel and I know we're not the only ones to enjoy it! As for your 1840's novel, I love that one too and it's so different from your previous one. I love how deep it is at times.

    I don't know nearly enough about the Civil Rights movement as I should. I also greatly admire Rosa Parks and MLK, but like you didn't respect him like I should have. I can't wait to see "The Help" and read the novel! You made it sound sooo good I can't wait to dive right in.