Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Diary from September 11th and 12th, 2001

The following diary excerpts were written in my actual diary on September 11th and September 12th of 2001, when I was fourteen years old. Being homeschooled, I was writing about a few of the events as it transpired, therefore some of the information is incorrect. Individuals mentioned have had their names changed to protect their privacy but my very poor spelling has been retained. Also, the entries are written to Ana, which is what I named my diary at the time (as inspired from Anne Frank).

Dear Ana,
Two planes flew into the World Trade Center at 8:45am + 9:00. The World Trade Center collapsed not long ago. And a different plane flew into the Pentagon. Violence is everywhere! Is this the end times? Is Jesus coming back? Is there going to be war?
Dad is in Indianapolis. He is alright, so far.

Lord Help US! We need YOU!

More Later…

“We will not tolerate this!” That is what was said by several people. 4 planes were hijacked today. 50,000 people died. Our president was very angry. He is smarter than we give him credit for.
Will there be war? This is the second Pearl Harbor. Mom says this one is worse though. Tradgity is always horrible. I no longer feel safe. Will we be here tomorrow?
I haven’t been online all day. So I have no idea how my friends are. I pray they are all right. At 10:00 or 11:00pm I plan to go online and check everything out. I am going to be very busy.
At 7:30pm President Bush will announce what will happen next. So I might be able to write to you about what he says.
Just to think yesterday I had no worries, but now I am worried. Our lives were at steak 8:45am this morning. Thank you, Lord, you kept us safe.
And to think [Aunt] Stella is using this [an excuse] to stay with [her boyfriend] Henry. She claims that there are riots all over Terre Haute. If there are riots in this town, then I am Barbie Doll! And I am definitly not Barbie.

More Later…

Bush did not answer any of my questions. Why is this happening to us? We are America. I thought WW2 was the war to end all wars. But it seems more and more are happening. But why did this happen again? Didn’t we learn from Pearl Harbor? Bush knew. We were threatened by that Bin-Ladin guy.
Will we ever be safe again? Is this what people felt when Pearl Harbor was bombed? Will there be war? Will there be peace? What will happen tomorrow? God knows. And all my trust is with him.

Dear Ana,
War. That’s what everyone is worried about. Kelsey, my internet friend, is worried all of her friends will be drafted. Its very patriotic of them to enlist. Is this WW3? I am almost certain that the Rapture is near. I just don’t feel it will happen now. I could be wrong.
Is this how Grandma felt [during Pearl Harbor]? I’m not as brave or smart as she is. How did she handle this? Well, first off she was several years older than I am. She was 23 and I am only 14½.
We’ll be all right. God will protect us. And if the Tribulation is near, then we will go to heaven.
I’ll never forget where I was when I first heard. I just got down watching “A Different World” and got up for something. Mom changed the channel and it had “Breaking News” on the screen. I saw the second plane crash into the building…
But I’ll never forget all that has happened.

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  1. Your entries here, I'm sure, mirror the thoughts of many that day. We will NEVER forget!