Tuesday, December 16, 2008

An Introduction

Considering that this will be my official blog for my writing career, I think an introduction is needed. My name is Veronica Leigh and I am an aspiring author(ess). I am working on a historical series for young adults based in wartorn Nazi occupied Poland. I am currently unpublished and seeking an agent to represent my work. In the mean time, to keep myself occupied, I plan to run this tiny space on the web. To exercise my writing abilities, I’ll be posting book and movie reviews, some personal stories and hopefully even a few interviews with some professional authors (if they’ll give me the time of day, LOL!).
I live with my parents and sister (she is also a writer), three cats and a Basset named Grace, in a small city in Indiana. I am a Bible believing, born-again Christian who is very involved in church and Awana. My interests varies from Christian history to Jewish history, the Regency and World War 2 eras, knitting baby blankets to consuming all chocolate within my reach.
God bless and Merry Christmas.


  1. Great intro your authoressness, lol!

  2. Best wishes for your publications. Even though I don’t like history much I will go through your findings and writings.
    Happy Christmas